How To Cut A Piano Hinge

Piano hinge is the type used for long box doors or cabinet doors with the advantage of easy installation, durability and high strength. It is made of the 304 stainless steel which can be lightly opened, not shake with a 240-degree opening angle.

Due to its endurance, people use this type of hinge for industrial door products, wet and salt environment. Follow these following steps to know how to cut a piano hinge.

At the first glance, you can think that piano hinges are easy to cut. However, you need to use the proper tools; otherwise, you shall make it blend and become useless. When cutting, these tools can make you not to pressure and deform your piano hinge and its slender rods.

These following steps shall give you a tip for cutting a piano hinge and avoid making the product have the bad appearance.

How To Cut A Piano Hinge?

Step 1

Manage the piano hinge to be flat and its slender rods to be tangent to each other.

Maybe you know that sharp edges or even the piano hinges can cause accidents for your children, pets, and yourself if you don’t pay attention.  For products made with some piano hinges, maybe rounding the round ends of the wood edges is very necessary

Step 2

Place one end of the tape measure with one end of the hinge; prolong the tape measure till the other end of the hinge. You should ensure the length of the hinge to be cut and the measure remains along the hinge.

Step 3

Use a marker to tick onto the length point you desire and then remove the tape measure out of the hinge.

Step 4

Use a combination square and place it against the connecting rod. Manage the combined square to run through the piano hinge’s end.

Step 5

Make sure that the highest point of the combination square to be aligned with the longest point in the hinge. This step helps you make your cutting more accurate and beautiful. By carrying out the careful measurement and making, you can get a tip for “How to cut a piano hinge” with the accurate result.

Step 6

Prepare your safety equipment like gear, glasses, glove, face shields or even professional masks. Then, place the scribe in the opposite side of the combination square. If you want to make you cut easier, ensure the square and the face of the piano hinge is in a straight line and a flat.


A piano hinge

Step 7

Remind to lower the face shield into the proper position to protect yourself before moving into the cutting step. Mount an abrasive wheel into a clutch grinder. Put on safety equipment you prepared.

Step 8

Tightly hold the piano hinge by one hand and use the clutch grinder by the other hand. You must note that the grinding wheel and scribe line is in alignment and crossing the piano hinge’s face.

Step 9

Gradually get the grinding wheel closed to the piano hinge’s edges and cut along the marking line.

Step 10

Continue to use the wheel to cut any extra cutting bur from the hinge till you can see the smooth face of the cutting edge.

Step 11

Before moving to the next completion step, let the cut end cool down. Due to abrasion with the metal, there is a lot of heat arising.

However, keep in mind that you have to be careful while doing the task. Although it is possible to fix what you have done wrong, it’s hard for sure. Staining means you have to fill the pores on the product surface, read more how to clean up and repair the possible bad stains.

Final thoughts

A piano hinge helps increase the strength and the stability of the furniture. Hope that for those who want to find out a useful guide to shortening of piano hinges, this article shall help them to have a good practice.

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